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Sunday, 22 July 2018

A new story direction!


Let's get right to it! But first...

Baby Update

A little bit less than a month is left before Caleb is born, we are very excited we have all the things ready for him and can't wait!

A new story direction!

When playing games I have found that personally for me having a story makes me more likely to finish a game. Even if the game wasn't that good, if I got invested in the story (even if wasn't that good) I felt more compelled to finish it. 

This was the reason I choose to add a story element to PTD. I notice no tower defense games had a big story and I thought it would be a great addition.

So naturally for Cosmoids TD I also wanted to have a story. Originally I envisioned Cosmoids as something very similar to Pokemon. Over the years I've thought about the origin story of Cosmoids and it has changed here and there but some of the same elements have remained the same.

The story started with a powerful alien being known as the Wishmaker that encounters a young boy and grants his wish to bring these Cosmoids to Earth. I was pretty committed to this story line until a freelance artist that I hired made a concept art for the Wishmaker. I thought it looked so cool that I decided to make the Wishmaker the main character.

The Wishmaker

Along with changing the main character it was more interesting to also have the game take place in the Cosmoids original planet. This will allow for some creative environments that you wouldn't find on earth.

The next major change that I wanted to make is that in pokemon, while the pokemon are smarter than your average animal they mostly co-existed with humans the way pets do. For Cosmoids now that we are exploring their planet. I thought it would be very interesting if the Cosmoids were more humanoid like. They could speak a language, they used tools, clothing, communities. So instead of capturing them as beloved pets. You will recruit them for your cause. Below is a small preview of how a cosmoids like Chameleaf will look like. Keep in mind this is an early work in progress.
Chameleaf - Creature like (left) to Humanoid (right)
I've been mostly focused these past few weeks to working with my artist, trying to nail down the new direction so I haven't work a lot of the prototype but next week I will talk about how to focus on features and task that are needed versus wanted.

As always let me know what you think about the new story direction in the comments below, or twitter or by email at sam@sndgames.com

Have a great week and thanks for your continued support!

Friday, 6 July 2018

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Thursday, 5 July 2018

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